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First Class Flights

Have you ever had the flexibility to choose when to eat, when to sleep and when to relax, on the plane, while enjoying the feeling of spaciousness in the first class seat, which makes a vast difference to the comfort level you have ever had. Not to mention, prior to all that, being escorted on a stretched limousine straight from your home to the airport's extraordinary first class lounge where you can be undisturbed in the individual office finishing a project, treat yourself to a massage after relaxing in the Jacuzzis, or just relax and set your mood right before continuing to your unforgeable journey 37000 feet about the earth. Well, you don't have to be dignitaries, politicians, or superstars anymore to get all of the same privacy and prestige First Class can offer. With Wayby Travel you can pay half, and we mean up to 50% less than other recognizable people are paying for their First Class airline tickets and feel as important and still get the same privileges. Because at the end of the day you are to us, Wayby Travel, just as important as all of our valuable clients, and we know you deserve it.