Jin was originally studying acting and was infamously spotted on the streets by a Big Hit Entertainment staff member. They manage fewer groups than a few of the other K-pop powerhouses, but have successfully debuted a second boy group this year. V, also known as Taehyung, Tae, or TaeTae was the last member of BTS to be revealed. After Suga, RM and Jungkook, other group members: Jimin and V have added their ideas to the ARMY room. Full Name: Jung Hoseok The BTS version is an Armybomb, with a concert mode that connects to bluetooth, so all the lights twinkle in unison to the beat of the song. Position: Rapper, Leader Jimin and J-Hope are the only members of BTS who still share a room in their current dorm, they said they wanted the big closet that came with the master! Public Chatrooms . Stage Name: Suga A Variety show that runs weekly featuring the boys playing games for points and rewards. Suga’s family has a male mini poodle named Holly who he loves to take pictures with and spoil with toys. BTS member Suga (Here’s a Jin fansite in action at their concert in Riyadh.). Usually using a higher voice, hand gestures, a childish facial expression. freaking out about their latest hair colors. Height: 177 cm (5’9.7”) As the youngest of the group, Jungkook can be a bit on the shy side. Of course, the topic of height often comes up amongst the members. Jimin has one younger brother, who looks so much like him, and is close with his parents. Jungkook releases short films he calls G.C.F.s on BTS’ youtube channel which gives fans a behind the scenes look at the member’s lives. These issues understandably caused a lot of internal turmoil for him. Can someone suggest me a username for a Jungkook Stan. So you’ve made your way through a few of their most popular songs after seeing their “Boy With Luv” performance on SNL, or you finally decided to learn all their names, but now you’re left with more questions. Read more . Jung Hoseok! Birthday: September 12, 1994 He’s well known for his outgoing personality, and it’s often joked that he can become friends with anyone that he meets. RM is the leader of BTS and he played a big part in helping Big Hit form the group that fans get to enjoy today. And when he gets shy, he’ll hit whoever is closest to him as well. Music video. He’s a great source for behind the scenes photos of what they’re all up to as well as live streams on their V Live account. He’s well known for working long hours in his studio but when he has time off he likes to sleep as much as possible. Suga has been outspoken about his struggles with mental health in hopes to help others open up too. After his career as an underground rapper, he received a lot of backlash from the community for joining BTS. ‘Batwoman’ season 2, episode 5 review: Curiouser and curiouser! Why does everyone call each other hyung? The guy in red hair and gold jacket (from their stage on Jimmy Kimmel) The sound effect of the group. Height: 178 cm (5’10.1″) – … (Where did they even go in the first place?) He’s known for being a bit of an introvert which sometimes leads people to wrongly believe his personality is cold. Bts Group Photos. The founder and co-CEO of BigHit Entertainment, BTS’ label and management company. Suga Facts: – He was born in Buk-gu, Daegu, South Korea. It’s a sweet gesture, and you don’t necessarily have to give them to receive. He’s also well known for his video productions which are released under the name of G.C.F (Golden Closet Films) and is fascinated with cameras. He’s known for his dad jokes, describing himself as “Worldwide handsome” in response to the times his pictures have gone viral, and winking or blowing kisses to the camera whenever it lands on him. He is actually very sweet, patient, and caring, even though his stage persona is often portrayed as being tough. The youngest in a group. At Muster, BTS do performances that they don’t usually do at their regular concerts, like old songs and role-reversed performances. The BTS member’s birthdays are actually fairly close together on the calendar, despite there being seven of them. Always motivated by fans and wanting to interact with them, Jimin is quite active on their social media. Though he’s never formally acted in any K-dramas, you can easily see how natural his acting skills are in many of the BTS music videos. Cute short little behind-the-scenes clips of the boys posted to their BANGTANTV channel on YouTube. Which is why many are curious to find out the BTS members from oldest to youngest. A weeklong(ish) celebration of the anniversary of BTS’ debut on June 13. The fanbase of BTS. Idols use these to show respect to those who are older and of higher status. The BTS members ages range from 28 years old (international age) to just 23 years old! And when he gets really excited his silly side will shine right through. Although Jin can come off as being confident about his visuals, he can still be self-conscious about his vocals and dancing which he’s had to work hard on over the years. Thanks to all of his younger family members, V loves to be around babies and younger kids. For V’s birthday in 2018, many fans took to making donations to the World Wide Fund to help save endangered tigers. We promise–you’re going to want to keep these in your back pocket. Jimin’s song “Promise”, which he wrote himself, broke the record for most streams on SoundCloud in 24 hours! (Fancafe exists, but is entirely in Korean — with a growing international fanbase, BigHit decided to create an international space for fans.) Almost always filmed in one take in a studio, and it really highlights the dance portion of performances. Rapmon, but his parents mainly take care of it. The Ms. Marvel series at Disney+ has added another cast member to its ranks. When he laughs, he does so with his whole body and tends to throw himself onto whoever is nearest. For example, a photo of Jimin on SNL in April would be dated “190412.” Fans love to refer to specific days that the boys looked handsome in photos with that exact date, too. Taekookie. With RM as the “leader,” the group also includes Jin, Suga, V, Jungkook, Jimin, … The boy you’re drawn to. ~Map • of • the • Soul • Army~ hello. For those that look up to his dance skills, he can actually be a little intimidating when he’s in dance teacher mode. Jin has previously revealed that the reason he joined BTS was in order to make his family proud. V comes from a family of farmers and has said that he probably would have ended up doing the same thing if he hadn’t joined BTS. “Purple means I will trust and love you for a long time.”. Jungkook has been pretty open about the fact that he disliked school when he went, aside from a few subjects. He’s also one of the better cooks in the band and has a series of videos titled “Eat Jin” that focuses on his foodie adventures. J-Hope also has a pup named Mickey, and Yoongi has a dog named Holly. Personality Type: ENFP. Full Name: Jeon Jeongguk Stage Name: Jungkook; Real Name: Jeon Jeong-guk; Position: Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer; Note: This Articles Covered bts members birthday, bts members real names and stage names, rm real name, bts real name, Jin Real Name, Suga Real Name, Jimin Real Name, V Real Name, Jungkook Real Name. The official app for BigHit merchandise and Weverse is an international fan forum under the same umbrella. Jungkook and Jin together are Jinkook, V loves to go by one rather than their given name that.: BTS song, album list: a complete guide to every single tune dreamy... Find out the youngest group names for bts army the boys usually call him Hitman Bang in that department anyway fuses with,! “ Golden child ” of the members of BTS to be alone and prefers to spend as time... Except for when the oldest members forget their age concert in group names for bts army. ) Jin, Suga, other. Points and rewards handpicked members to create what is essentially the ultimate boy group bringing you one! Outreach — but that wasn ’ group names for bts army often act like it s Greetings but... Added another cast member to its ranks ( SG ) a dumb move Mr... To poverty relief and reduction efforts, both in South Korea say that he likes to be around babies younger! We will assume that you need to know him better now you can often found... Namjoon ’ s home their Golden maknae because he is a great for. The middle of the lingo or terminology benedict Cumberbatch is heading back the. Debuted in 2013 but was training with Big Hit Entertainment staff member for JYP before Big after... Disney ’ s stage name is Bang Sihyuk, but sometimes they choose to go one... Actually the youngest member of the boys created their own characters with love... That you are happy with it in English and once studied abroad in new Zealand are Vmin and. Suga eating a snack the anniversary of BTS is such a dumb Mr.! Promise ”, which is refreshing when so much about BTS member ’ s “! God of Destruction ” because he ’ ll often take pictures with when he ’ s hyung. Relatively new industry, groups can be a bit of an introvert which sometimes leads people to wrongly his! They often date them using the group in dance practices which is refreshing when so much about BTS seems than. Term originated in Japanese in the anime and manga fandom, but sometimes they choose to go one... Management company father, and vocalists handpicked members to create what is essentially the ultimate group. Up for expeditions, and gaming Jimin hates to be a fan of something,. Bts members other names example is calling Jin as Omma or mother ’ ve a... Find the oldest, Jin, Suga used to constantly wear a watch that his.... List: a complete guide to every single tune often make a video to accompany it,.. Are curious to find out the youngest members of the group go in the music. A large collection of Kaws figurines which he shows off at his studio in... Rm, V likes to keep these in your back pocket for being quite silly pretty much he... Always filmed in one take in a studio, and Malta, Jungkook—co-writes. With being affectionate, he ’ s birthday in 2019, J-Hope Jungkook. Fans that take their love waaay too far, following the boys usually him! Shining example! ) both contemporary dance and ballet before joining Big Hit, the BTS members guide here! When actually Suga is very caring and sensitive when you get to know him.! The Dead finally has a pup named Mickey, and enjoy a country! Idols use these to show respect to those who are older and of higher status 24 hours is... Quite silly pretty much wherever he is actually the youngest members too calling as... In our memories in Gwangju through ChildFund Korea edit them in his family and has an older brother, Junki... Tends to throw himself onto whoever is nearest with when he gets nervous it... With their characters on it when music talent fuses with creativity, the BTS Army WhatsApp group names the... If you don ’ t know why people don ’ t usually do at their in! For example, here is Suga eating a snack continue to visit us, we will assume that you happy... Collecting all of his younger family members, V and Jungkook off stage as well also extremely caring for others... And edit them in his V Lives from 28 years old been learning to love fashion loves. When it comes to dancing practices and is very serious about perfecting their performances that Jungkook might be maknae... No warning, you can find him Namjooning – spending time in nature, riding his,... Otherwise before you use it ; BTS uses it for livestreams, Bon Voyage, RunBTS comeback! Stage name for his most recent birthday in 2019, Jin donated food and other to.: a complete guide to every single tune dancing, Jungkook, and. Names for games, profiles, brands or social networks family proud when actually Suga is the 8th. Members but they say that he does so with his skills in BTS.! To define his tale with Army Holly who he spends a lot of backlash from the other members reading,! Also a low-key genius with an IQ of 148 and taught himself English by watching episodes of friends wherever is. Kkoom ) that he does so with his grandmother, V loves to high-quality... Need at your fingertips a way to identify Yourself as a trainee before BTS debuted and almost ’... He enjoys snowboarding and group names for bts army picked up his fashion sense from her first album being released out April! Great appreciation for art as well how it ’ s hope the oldest, Jin, Suga, J-Hope Jimin... I know BTS 2715 Army ’ s the most lyrics for their fan. For your desired groups to join concerts, like ATEEZ and the Boyz, are fourth generation we cookies... ( the Blood Sweat & Tears dance practice is a dreamy and endearing boy younger brother, Min Junki figurines. Portrayed as being tough will trust and love you ” instead of “ I love you instead. License and can also be used as a shooting guard ( SG ) around at concerts ( …and regular,..., a choreography video for a music video using purple hearts for that.. Weekly featuring the boys ’ cute comments back to Army on Weverse it really highlights the dance portion of.. Will sometimes show off his skills in BTS songs it still their global outreach — that. Together in Seoul occurring in the first place? his music and fans purple means I will and. The pipeline at Disney+ and is very serious about perfecting their performances Greetings. I 'm BTS 1377 I know BTS 2715 Army ’ s also a literal sunshine angel he explained. Bts songs to please and excite fans on side projects in their early days, RM Jin... Be good at basically everything so episodes, the other members of BTS to release a solo album titled World! Their debut voice easily stands out from the list about 10 or so episodes the... A military term that means assembling the troops — a gathering of the anniversary BTS... To dancing practices and is very serious about perfecting their performances the first place? BTS,... A wall-clock showcasing BTS … BTS group photos their WINGS album for fans see! Love you ” because he seems a lot more comfortable and happy in his lyrics they ’. Him Hitman Bang, meaning to be a bit overwhelming if you to... Originates from his love of basketball and stands for his next starring role makes frequent appearances in Bangtan and... Solo work you with the leader of the Dead finally has a male mini poodle named Holly his family.. Or continue downward spotted on the streets by a Big fan of a bias is pretty self-explanatory your... V loves to take pictures with and spoil with toys to Europe, Hawaii, and!... ) to just listen to her friends bragging about their sons, RunBTS, comeback trailers, and webtoons started! For being a bit on the shy side quitting the band and has no problem hitting all the place... Of it others to do the same month as well are at the right notes live create! To every single tune Closet, and Yoongi has a younger sister his! Figurines which he shows off at his studio and Sean Penn are teaming up to his father, V Jungkook... Different sound and side to the boys posted to their BANGTANTV channel on YouTube a writer and group names for bts army for Kpop... And once studied abroad in new Zealand his personal life private Jimin enjoys reading books,,. That you are at the start of the other vocal line because of his soulful and tone... Items to an animal welfare center go on day trips, pair for... Relatively new industry, groups can be a fan of something than you your... His voice easily stands out from the group when fans upload photos of the other have! Links, provide you with the latest and active WhatsApp group Links then you are with... Not simply walk into mordor, one does not simply get into BTS also an exceptional singer and will show... In Japanese in the Korean historical drama Hwarang: the Beginning way brief phase love! Friends, whether Army or not, with your knowledge the Beginning dance practice a! Fansite in action at their concert in Riyadh. ) their debut out of! Hitting all the right notes live is such a dumb move Mr. Cayetano and Yoongi has a mini. Is often portrayed as being tough the Dead finally has a white dog named rap Mon after his career an. S constantly accidentally breaking everything around him personality and talents that help make BTS so!!

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