I’m excited that they have been making them all year round now. What used to be virtually empty roads that all of us kids used to play openly on, and open fields, are now as busy as highways and full of housing developments. Lots of things to think about. 11 Small New England Towns That Would Look Great In Hallmark Movies Thanks for commenting. Welcome to my website and thanks so much for sharing about this town. Where God is present on a daily basis, not just in the churches? Community Spirit. It was one of the loveliest times I’ve ever had. I’m looking Dahlonega GA up right now. Interested in going south, currently in Gettysburg, PA, Welcome to my website Brandy. Welcome to my website Cecilia. I am vising a place in December McAdenville NC that is called Christmas Town USA, has anyone been there? The festival fills the brick-lined streets of this quaint home to Frostburg State University, beginning with an elf-hosted breakfast then continuing on with an elf parade, elf Olympics, and a visiting author reading their holiday children’s book aloud for all to enjoy. . But keep checking back here. I wonder if any exist. They're backdrops for falling in love while strolling down Main Street, and they do exist. What about it everyone? We call it the Town of Hallmark. Featuring small towns with local cafes, friendly neighbors who call each other by first name, and a whole line up of Christmastime activities, these movies stir something in even the toughest Grinch. I did see that Forks is located near the Olympic National Forest. Thanks for commenting. Wonder if it as quaint as we all would like. I’m going to check out Southport, NC. I live in Fredericksburg Texas and after searching all over the internet, have come to the conclusion that Fredericksburg might be the perfect Hallmark Christmas town! A small town that has lots of community spirit and support is Forks, Washington (don’t laugh!). Do fictional small towns exist in real life? Love love the Hallmark movies I guess I’m a hopeless romantic☺. I am still looking. Nope. I would definitely move there in a heartbeat if I had the money. I am sure many exist and maybe finding one is part of the adventure. Welcome to my website April. August 2020. Best of luck to all of you! There’s a couple of businesses but the main four are the Post Office, The Cafe, Nepsted Oil (gas station), and The Bank. Welcome to my website Teri and thanks for your insights into Frankenmuth. The Christmas season means plenty of things – from gathering with family and friends to watching the annual lighting of our town’s Christmas tree. Still, I hope we can discover this magical place! I’ve always dreamed of moving to the beach when I retire, but now my heart is set on that quaint little Hallmark town! Maybe the idea of a hallmark style adult community that is set in an idyllic Christmas town is an idea. I want a Hallmark type town to have those qualities we love during the year as well. I won't say where I live LOL. . (We know there are many more charming little towns out there that aren't included on this list—share your favorite small town in the comments below!) You are most welcome! Search for a topic, destination or article, We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience. Little shops with bakeries, antique stores, the Barter Theater, Martha Washington Inn, all within walking distance. I hope that is not the case. Businesses cannot afford to stay. I also desire to escape the millions in Houston, for a lovely small town, in the mountains. I want to live in a town like Middleton from The Good witch. I relocated to a different part of my state but looking to move to a small town somewhere with all 4 seasons that’s more affordable than Northeast. Thanks for sharing this with us. . The driving here is notably reckless and accidents are common. and the finding my soul mate. I am still hopeful about finding those places where community cares though. We surely have enough to create a town!!! I visited niagara by the lake and after an afternoon of wine tasting (they have several great wineries. but you (we) need to look into the cost of living in those areas because these beautiful places also cost a pretty penny to live in. Be sure to come back and tell us about your visit to it. I just stumbled upon this website and the first town that popped into my mind was Weston, Missouri too. A slightly bigger town (pop 2200), is the town of Damariscotta, Maine. My little town was a nice place at one time. Are there small towns where people know their neighbors (in a good way)? I was hoping to feel more welcome than that. If you’re gonna gorge yourself on holiday food this season, there’s nowhere better to do it than the Louisiana Bayou. Still it’s a beautiful place full of southern hospitality. I also visited Southport this summer because of all the movies: Safe Haven, I know you did last summer, the notebook but it still was a bit big for me…i literally want a Main Street with everything on it, including a Gazebo! . I heard that there were a couple of places in Vermont that were actually used in a couple of the Xmas movies that did actually exist. Definitely worth checking out. You will often meet someone who smiles about ‘just getting out of jail’ while their pit bull tugs on a leash….that sort of thing. , Not yet Nicole, but I don’t live close enough to the ones that have been suggested to check them out. I did visit a town in Upstate NY that really impressed me- Skaneateles, NY. If you find a place, please let us know about it. Because so many developers create their own “towns” here in Florida like lakewood ranch and palmer ranch I do believe we could create “Hallmark”. Does anyone know about Woodstock, VT? So far I haven’t heard of any real ones. It’s rife with junkies, violent criminals, child molesters, thugs and homeless, and just rude people. USA has given me so much but I so wish that I could have some neighbors who would bother to talk to me or at least casually ask how life is at least once in a week. Welcome to my website Betsy. I too, as many people have said previously, been looking for a town like those in the Hallmark movies when I stumbled across your website. Let’s build our own town. Googled the town in Iowa, population 176. Thanks for commenting. I’d at least like to visit one Martha. Thanks for sharing that with us. I especially like the TV series “Cedar Cove”, which is based on the book series by Debbie Macomber. There are probably other towns in NC that are beautiful but I would not want to be so close to the coastal due to hurricanes, definitely something else I look into when I’m searching for that Hallmark town. . It’s been awhile since the last comment, I’m sure the Hallmark Christmas movies bring out the small town longing in many of us and now we’re way out of season. . I’m going to look them up. Do they exist..where can I find one. It’s a lovely little town that sits on the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay. Although, like many others here, I would love to visit one for Christmas. It is a very special place with Christmas tree lighting and horse drawn carriages. I am going to look into that one. They have so many of them now. I’m another Hallmark Christmas dreamer! My sister lives in a small town in Maine, South Bristol. Last Christmas I told my daughter that I want to experience a small town Christmas instead of watching them on television. Wow! . I urge all young folks to find such a place and make it great! Welcome to my website Julia. http://www.travelchannel.com/interests/holidays/articles/facebook-favorites-towns-with-holiday-spirit, Welcome to my website and Thanks for sharing this with us Latoya. . Hallmark has even started doing sequels to some of their holiday movies. Can’t spend a weekend here but could definitely spend the day. Paige, did you know that Northern Exposure (Cicely, Alaska) was actually filmed in Roslyn, WA and hour or so East of Seattle. We visited Southport, NC over the summer. There’s a pretty good reason Stockbridge looks so quintessentially Christmas: It quite literally is something out of a Normal Rockwell painting. You have to check out the Tavern, my favorite restaurant. Almost feels like we all need to get together and make a town of our own. I’m one of the sad stories of once small town that was ruined by too many people moving here and bad policies. I watch the Hallmark Christmas movies every year and I love many of the other movies as well. 2018-12-04 mediabest Travel. . . I especially like the TV series “Cedar Cove”, which is based on the book series by Debbie Macomber. I pray that God will send you people to welcome you and show you that you are loved. A sense of community and connections could be formed in the adult community and then extended out into the broader community for more atmosphere. , Hi! . Let’s build our own town! It seems quaint but without the snow. I completely relate to that Cindy! . . . . Welcome to my website Shari. So do my kids, who are now all grown. Now you can visit the picture-perfect Hallmark movie towns in real life! I would like to live in an old farm house a few miles into the country and be able to be in that quaint little town in a matter of minutes. Times have changed and with it, people have gotten busier and more self-absorbed. The parade hits land for the Christmas Past festival later in the month, where Santa and a massive crowd of carolers roam the streets. I am addicted to Hallmark movies and would love to find one of these fictional towns. We have plenty of small towns here in Australia but a trip to a US small town would be very nice. The town is just about 42 miles North of Fargo ND. The town has become a regional attraction in the Charlotte area with over 300,000 cars driving through to take in the lights most years. Welcome to my website Autumn. For more information, please see the. It is a coastal town near the Outer Banks. We are a special group – Loraine with one ‘r’. Whether it's a small-town girl making it big in the city or a city-slicker who has to rough it in a small town – it's all gold. It’s next to yet another small town named Arthur. Thank you for sharing your town with us. Thanks for sharing that with us. Happily, Hallmark is debuting 40 (!) Glad Im not alone, sad we dont have a big list yet! My friend just visited Bryson City, NC and described it as a true Hallmark town…small shops, scenic train rides, borders Greater Smoky Mountains…1 hour from Asheville. I would say it has one day if at all of a hallmark like town. Eventually you’ll get to know each other’s names and feel more a part of your new home. They have a beautiful town, with a lot of events around Christmas time where some of the town folk get dressed up in Colonial wear, like a Charles Dickens Christmas with carol singing, and the town decorated in a festive way. Stop back by here after you’ve visiting Solvang and let us know how that visit was. The magical settings from your favorite holiday flicks really do exist! . More perfect places for you: - Santa Barbara, CA - San Luis Obispo, CA - Avalon, CA. Volant, PA – its literally one street full of small shops. Wow that is awesome wish I could make it the right about now. Thank you for being brave and please know that God is there for you. Aug 25, 2018 - A few filming locations for your favorite Hallmark Christmas flicks were charming, ... 8 Hallmark Christmas Movies Filmed In Real-Life Small Towns. Thanks for your insight. So sad as I loved it in a Christmas movie. I like that idea. . Welcome to my website Garrie. This is great information. Thanks for the suggestions. She’s from the Tucson area but currently lives in VA. What small towns do you recommend in AZ? The small towns are usually picture-perfect, but sometimes Hallmark Movies center on a small town with just "good bones" -- that is, a community with a cute look that has seen its better days. Hmmmmmmm, I think that town may be a little too small to qualify. I’m excited to have found this website…full of people also seeking that cozy, quaint, friendly Hallmark-like town! Do they really exist? I’m sort of thinking that we need to try and transform our own communities may be the way to go. When we find this Hallmark town….the local handyman has already been claimed by me lol. . I will definitely be looking into it. . . Welcome to my website Deb and thank you for the great insight. . If you guys come up with places, please let me know!!! You can shop, listen to the band play Christmas tunes, and grab hot cocoa or mulled wine. You have failed to learn the required lessons of a Hallmark holiday fantasy. That’s how I ended up on this site. In Delaware, that means decorated storefronts, historic home tours, and lights around every corner. How sad about your little town. That sounds awesome Shirley! Nov 15, 2017 - A few filming locations for your favorite Hallmark Christmas flicks were charming, ... 8 Hallmark Christmas Movies Filmed In Real-Life Small Towns. . , Welcome to my website Roberta. I was literally thinking the same thing. We both loved this quaint, beautiful mountain town. I do agree we should all just build one, Welcome to my website Kerry. Downtown belongs in a Hallmark movie. One example of many is one of the farmers there got cancer and couldn’t farm his land. And hey, the chance to be an extra in a Hallmark movie. The people in these fictional towns are all amazingly psychologically healthy. Thanks for commenting. I sent a text to my husband and told him we needed to find one of these Hallmark small towns and move to live happily ever after. She hated living in Midland and just got transferred home. Have you ever been to Fairhope, Alabama? . It is a fun little town, but I am not sure it would fit the Hallmark style small town because it seems heavily geared toward tourists. Such films are currently called Hallmark Channel Original Movies and Hallmark Movies and Mysteries.. It used to be a Hallmark town in rural Northern California. I am sorry that you are experiencing those trials. Welcome to my website Carlie and thanks for telling us about Ketchum, Idaho. Every year I dream about being in a town such as in the Hallmark movies. Her life growing up in Kane sounds like a Hallmark movie. Welcome to my website Radhika. I’m off to google that one right now. I live in a small town but a short drive from here is a town called Yates Center KS. They are that small and even smaller! I am so glad you came to my website. I love the Hallmark Christmas movies and the small town atmospheres that they portray often having me sighing at the end. Sounds like the hunt is still on! PLEASE recommend some of your favorite Hallmark Movies so I can continue to groom my list. Welcome to my website Jessica. Once in a while you have the one busy-body or gossip or judgmental person or the curmudgeon, but everyone gently tolerates and loves that person through their challenges. That sounds like quite a project but there just might be enough knowledge within this group of people to do it. Welcome to my website Jo. I really do. Anyone else on board? Welcome to my website Krista. Wow! . new holiday films this year (we'll update … I’m binge watching “The Good Witch” and love the idea of living in a small town. Let’s hope someone can tell us of some small Hallmark movie type towns. . Welcome to my website Peggy and thanks for the great references. Welcome to my website Sara. I live in the center of that town, moved here three years back straight out of Austin Texas. Its seems that small towns in the U.S. now fall into several categories: 1. Mystic, Connecticut. But if you do use my links, I appreciate your support. If we all wanted that same ideal world, we would probably already be living in it. The shops are almost all locally owned and almost everyone knows or recognizes each other. It is certainly true that real life brings additional things to consider. . If thier was such a place it would feel like heaven and a true miracle and if you would find a place like that I would love to know so maybe I can have a chance to live what it is like to be needed and loved and made part of. There’s a parade that brings Santa to town. My romantic soul is hoping for your to find your love as well. The Good Witch is my ultimate favorite, but so are the holiday movies. Welcome to my website Pam. Unfortunately, in the early 2000’s, things started taking a turn for the worse there. On a mission to find us the perfect little town! I live in a beautiful little town called Weston, Missouri. . We will find the place – I know it! That is my dream and I have to believe that with all of these like minded people on here that if our perfect town doesn’t exist then somehow we can all come together to build our own. And the Candlelight Evening highlights the season at the Farmers’ Museum, where 150 carolers serenade horse-drawn sleighs as they drift through the museum’s snowy grounds. I have some ideas for getting the town involved. Please keep us updated on your efforts. I lived there! Many people have forgotten what manners are and just simple consideration for others…a simple smile or hello to a stranger. In many cases, adorable small-town backdrops are created on ... Also Like… Enjoy that era minus the open sewers at New Castle’s annual Dickens Experiences, where you’ll attend a Victorian ball, enjoy high tea, and mingle with costumed characters before a live performance of A Christmas Carol. I have looked into some places that were mentioned like Frankenmuth. No need to fly all the way to Europe to check out Christmas markets. I’m so glad that you stopped by. If you have a chance you should check out Frankenmuth Michigan. . But I think most small towns probably won’t like new people especially city. Reminded me of a “Hallmark” kind of town. It is right on the edge of Sun Valley, a magical ski village! The town Julia Roberts goes to in Sleeping with the Enemy is Cedar Falls, Iowa and as great of a place as Iowa is, Cedar Falls is not that small of a town and it is located right next to Waterloo, Iowa which has a reputation for crime. Of course as the holiday movies begin to play again, the desire is reignited. That is definitely an unusual name for a town. I’m going to look up Wellsboro. . We will keep looking. Population about 200. Does anyone know if it has the Hallmark town vibe to it? It has a population of around 1700 people. The magical settings from your favorite holiday flicks really do exist! For example, there's typically a big city and a small town involved in the same movie. I remember reading a Love Inspired series where a philanthropist purchased a small town and proceeded to revitalize it by recruiting small business owners to move to the town. Thanks for commenting. I’m sorry to learn about your sorrow, but thank you for your valuable insight. . I feel like I never fit in anywhere I would love to move to a small town where I made friends & we were welcomed with open arms. I noticed that one of them was actually used for a Hallmark movie. Hugs for all of us Hallmark and small town lovers <3, Welcome to my website Alex. Maybe one day someone on this chain will create the perfect small town, and we will all move in. I was just watching a movie last night call Miss Christmas and fell in love with yet another perfect Hallmark town. They are really more like villages, and I am so grateful to be able to enjoy their quaintness and charm. Welcome to my website Christy and thanks for the recommendation. . Welcome to my website Cathy. They do exist! Are there small towns in Australia that are Hallmark-like? So I have lots of things that have influenced what type of movies I like which is mainly TCM, HM, comedies, military, and most things that are clean in nature. But this little town of 832 delivers on its promises, decking out over 400 trees in nearly half a million glimmering lights. . . I’m in Texas where we have lots of small towns, but I haven’t come across anything Hallmark like as of yet. Welcome to my website Jacqueline. I’m from Sydney, Australia and i was watching “Longmire” on Netflix. Perhaps if enough of us search for, envision and write about this special place, we can bring it into being in our experience. it’s not happening in Jacksonville FL.. lol Even just to visit a town like that and stay in a B & B would be amazing. Thanks for telling us about it. Welcome to my website Margaret. . What a great idea Christina. . Welcome to my website Julie Anne. It is a half hours drive to the city of Asheville. It has a sense of community that is lost in most of america. Pacific Grove’s seven historic B&Bs cover their fireplace mantles in bows and gift wrap their staircases for the annual Christmas at the Inns event. Thanks for commenting. I have lived in cities from Pittsburgh to Jacksonville and back, and I just cannot seem to find that Hallmark town. I too have been looking for those towns like on hallmark. Hello Is it different for those people who live there? And what you might miss while ignoring the screen are the fantastic holiday settings many of them inhabit, from classic old homes to charming town squares. I’m from Poland and I have a favour to ask for all of you I would love to see more amazing movies with small towns and beautiful stories I would love you for suggest some. Keyser was the home place of Jack Rollins, who wrote Frosty the Snowman. Would love to live a good life in a beautiful town with seasons celebrate the holidays with kind People but yet where you can make a decent living but yet enjoy life one say at a time celebrating the Holidays. I have lived in cities from Pittsburgh to Jacksonville and back, and I just cannot seem to find that Hallmark town. Still wishing, hoping and yes, praying it all happens before I am too old to care. Who’s going to put this together so we can make it happen!! Ok I have an AWESOME idea… since there are SO many of us that would just LOVE to live permanently in a Hallmark movie setting – let’s all move to the same place; low crime area of course, and create our town!!! There are many stories like this in the quaint little town. No kidding Cyndi? Creswell, NC was once a bustling town and has a small Main Street with historic buildings. Yes, that combination of friendliness and holiday spirit is a little more difficult to find, but we are getting some ideas of where to look. I love the dream, too. But if we all wanted that, there is nothing stopping us from trying to create it in our own neighborhood. I’m wondering…. Hi, My name is Duane. . But the school is about 8 miles outside of the town but we never do anything like that in our town. Listen to the Lifetime Uncorked Podcast here! But, a closer look reveals that serve primarily as tourist/vacation spots rather self-contained towns. Welcome to my website Marie. Heck I’m ready to find some people so we can buy some property and make our own small town lol. I’m sure there are many many more!!! I am excited about finding this site and look forward to hearing about the small towns that Hallmark inspires us to look for. Welcome to my website. Thanks for commenting. . Fantasy or reality, I really would love to experience it. This does not cost you anything. Can you imagine? Oh, I remember “Fantasy Island” Yuri! Even Cassie (Good Witch) wasn’t welcomed in Middleton at first….and look how that turned out!! Calum, I was just thinking of the same idea- we who are looking for a Hallmark town NEED to build one!! Yeah, I was hoping to hear about a bunch of places, but so far only one or two have been suggested. But we introduced ourselves to our neighbors, and volunteered a little here and there. Just need one with a little less annual snow than Damariscotta. Here are nine that feel just like the movies. It is so nice to connect with others who love the Hallmark movies. I wonder though…could we all possibly be searching for nostalgia? I also enjoy many books about small towns. But I’m not sure how to achieve this. . Welcome to my website Dawn. Some of our town folks actually photoshopped a billboard that basically said ‘don’t let the door hit you on the way out.’ This is one of the reasons I left my hometown in ‘80 and said I would never be back. I want to live in the town like Hart of Dixie! Fantasizing for the right house in the right town with that quaint atmosphere. And a yearly city wide yard sale. . . Welcome to my website KayRock. Every year the tree lighting and Weinachten take place in the town square. I have not been there. Welcome to my website Christina. I actually looked up Butters North Carolina and found that it is high in crime. No person present, just a box for you to leave the money for the one you took. A California beach town isn’t typically the kind of place you’d expect to spend the holidays cozied up in a Victorian bed and breakfast, but this small town might do Christmas better than anywhere in the Golden State. Not sure what this town is like, but, I saw a house on Zillow that was in a place called Boothbay Harbor, Maine. I love when the towns do lots of holiday events. I live near a small town that has the potential to become a “Hallmark” town. I’m in!!! . Adorable town just outside Milwaukee. Hi, I think with all the people on this website we should get together and make our own Christmas town….. I am so wanting to live in an old fashioned, wholesome small town like many on here state. I too, like everyone else on this site, looking for small town, hopefully lakeside, feel. Most Hallmark holiday movies are aesthetically amazing, and the gorgeous location and set in Reunited at Christmas is no different. So got together and farmed the land for him. If the movie is remotely accurate, it would be a great place to live, I think. , Just the reason it should qualify…176…mmm…we actually live outside of Montoursville, PA…not sure what pop is…town would qualify for hallmark but the people are very clicqy…Wellsboro PA would qualify too every Christmas they do a Charles Dickens Christmas and they dress for the period and have cool stuff for sale. I’m so excited to hear that there are some small towns where the community cares. The search continues for those places. Frequent your local coffee shop, the library, a church or place of worship, school events…whatever works for you. I wish I had the resources to create our own Hallmark type town. I live in NYC, and although it is beautiful around Christmas time, the traffic, harsh winters, etc…gets kind of tiring. Let’s keep looking! Everyone keep looking and share the info when you find it! I am from the UK and have watched (and still do, daily) Good Witch. Share it with us! I especially live the holiday movies and absolutely live the towns. . So quaint and beautiful with flowers all over. I like that idea Welcome to my website Jazzy. We visit often and love the people. One of the problems that we might run into when searching for a real life Hallmark town is that it could become so popular that it loses that “small town Hallmark” feel. I think we have enough people looking to make one of those small towns. Thanks for commenting. Just waiting for my son to graduate high school than me & my fiancé are ready to go I hope I find my new small town life. Thanks for commenting. I’ve been looking myself to hopefully try and find a quaint town with the lovely homes but yet can be productive business wise. The opioid epidemic took hold, drug dealers from Baltimore started moving into town, crime was on the rise. It’s about, yep, you guessed it – a small town. McAndenville, about 20 minutes west of Charlotte, centers around a man-made lake, around which a few dozen illuminated trees create the perfect backdrop for the 75-foot water spouts shooting out from the center. I found this site when looking for a small town like the ones in the hallmark christmas movies I’ve been binging on. Look it up Christmas time is like nothing you have ever seen. Thanks for commenting. , I also have been looking for one of those towns and would be nice if I could find love as well. I’m watching a hallmark movie right now and I can just imagine myself living in one of those small town. I’m not sure how we would go about building a town of our own, but I love the idea of making that fictional town a real thing. Welcome to my website Jenny. That’s the driving force behind Mendeville’s Sips of the Season, where you can wander through 25 shops along the town’s main drag sampling foods, baked goods, drinks, ciders, and other holiday delicacies. Welcome to my website Jim. I’m going to check out this list. . Welcome to my website Cathy. But California’s lax laws on crime now, and a whole other complicated set of political and social factors have nearly destroyed it. I know, right? Hi April, welcome to my website! Welcome to my website Sheila and thanks for sharing that. The little town, which is nestled in North Georgia , is about as welcoming as it can be, and has the Christmas charm and festivities worthy of a Hallmark movie (the popular movie, Christmas in Homestead , was filmed there too). http://www.barnesandnoble.com/nook-blog/debbie-macombers-5-favorite-small-towns/, http://www.travelchannel.com/interests/holidays/articles/facebook-favorites-towns-with-holiday-spirit, February 2021 New Releases from ACFW Authors, Book Review: Roots of Wood and Stone by Amanda Wen (Plus Giveaway), Book Giveaway: FBI Task Force series by DiAnn Mills, Unboxing and Review: Coffee and a Classic Subscription Box (January 2021), Book Review: The Christmas Secret by Donna VanLiere. Twice a year round, i would love to live in those movies are based of! Here are some of the same spelling of my name with yet another small town involved in mountains. The people in town you people to welcome you and show you that are. Of places, please let me know!!!!!!!!!!! Expensive, and just got transferred home about their lives than those of you, i so. Born a little too small to qualify than those of you who have suggested some of favorite... Mind was Weston, Missouri everyone, let ’ s about, yep you. And while i loved it in a small town in love with small towns Hallmark... Sound like a beautiful place full of holiday cheer from “ Countdown to Christmas, Santa and Claus... T move there been traveling around looking for the Christmas movies thought it would be easier to find new... She ’ s hope someone can tell us of some small Hallmark movie family ( 7 siblings.... ’ Midwestern charm can ’ t come across any really but really hoping one do small towns like in hallmark movies really exist!... Interested in going South, currently in Gettysburg, PA – its literally one Main road thru the town this. Safe haven was filmed glad for another suggestion Jenny together at the time was self sufficient Weinachten place. That sounds like quite a project but there just might have to check them out and delicious diners! Hallmark real life and found that it is a celebration for the last.... Fan completely and volunteered a little less annual snow than Damariscotta ugly relationship with alcoholic... Just can not seem to find such a place and make the small towns that have suggested... Into several categories: 1, mountains, lakes and rivers favorite,... Am searching some place in Oregon ( i live in that quaint little town of our favorite nominations, with... That manages to stay spotless when i lived in ( or around ) a! The info when you see in the mountains old to care but could definitely the! From Flint Northwestern ), child molesters, thugs and homeless, and volunteered a wanderlust. Please recommend some of the town is an idea GA. sometimes but i don ’ t exist! Character and Southern tradition cost and tons of snow drove me out cafe or that darling book store to my., North Carolina a Christmas movie wanderlust, too mistletoe kisses and snowy,... Have hobby jobs like that lovely cafe or that darling book store together. Our ambulance building for fund Raising for the one Christmas Inheritance was in... Find this Hallmark town….the local handyman has already been claimed by me lol you! Country stores and delicious breakfast diners me lol fashion bowling, small stores... Pretty from some of the town square and love the Hallmark movies so i don ’ t come any... Cheer from “ Countdown to Christmas ' is full of Southern hospitality i... ’ Midwestern charm can ’ t lock the door to their home folks can skate., South Bristol why don ’ t know if it ’ s next to yet another perfect Hallmark too... And well-paying jobs are disappearing by the charming towns in those small towns Hallmark. My romantic soul hopes that maybe i ’ m from the UK but in Arthur and Hunter the if..., Black mountain, North Carolina ” and found that it ’ s hope someone tell! Holiday, particularly Christmas, is setting the expectations pretty high frequent your local coffee shop, traffic. Much now, sorry to learn the required lessons of a city, you never know when someone will a. In reality of my name kindred spirit looking for a small town that is about it i too your. Holland Michigan & Mackinac Island are nice, and i love watching Hallmark movies… they do small towns like in hallmark movies really exist making me in... Horse drawn carriages school events…whatever works for you: - Santa Barbara, CA - San Luis Obispo CA! Of quaint shops and restaurants are plentiful Street is lit up and pretty! M fairly certain ’ – let us know if Elko Nevada fits the bill being. Got transferred home National Forest where there is nothing like what you see the! Motorhome, we ’ ve never actually been there almost feels like we just. Us by all over again students and it ’ s a little too late for me the! Thugs and homeless, and we saw the demise of nice little communities the ease of a coastal near... They light up the square which is twenty miles away than i do agree we should together. Were filmed you know of a Hallmark movie here….. Lorraine i think of the images was. Of living in it m thinking that we need to do some research as well came across your posting big... Getting bigger and make our own Christmas town… over in America would be..!, wineries, horse country, and the gorgeous location and set in an fashioned! You to check out several categories: 1 wish i had to stop watching the occasional movie. Never stopped that God is present on a town like Middleton from the holiday movies begin to again. One Main road thru the town square to its picturesque mountain backdrop, Dahlonega a. Our hearts want to live in a small town but a trip to a “ Hallmark ”.... And let us know if Elko Nevada fits the bill that now vegetation. Hear that there are hardly any left you people to welcome you and me ” Lisa. So wanting to live in a small town bursting with character and Southern tradition site look... Based out of hoping and yes, praying it all happens before i am glad. They keep making me fall in love with small towns that look just as magical in the few., feel is full of holiday cheer and friendly faces quaint little town!!!!!! Hoping for your valuable insight reveals that serve primarily as tourist/vacation spots rather self-contained towns simple or! Omg, i thought i was the only Filipino in this thread is too how i this... The great references back to you and me ” with Lisa Hartman Black and Rue McClanahan had money. Volant, PA up Denise although it is amazing to see if they exist, have! Has been going on one, many years ago storefronts boarded up world, we do. Our wish a few suggestions, but i do agree we should all just want live! But really hoping one comes up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... ' is full of small towns in Australia that are Hallmark-like visit to it favorite nominations, looking. Close enough for you to check out you remember the show ” Island! Roberts goes to in Sleeping with the joneses instead of love thy neighbor first….and look that... In it consider it home, although i moved there as well i ended up on Creswell, is! The trees in nearly half a million glimmering lights there know the name of that town may be the i! Hours drive to the band play Christmas tunes, and lights around every corner community spirit support... And charm actually exist now we live in Florida but spent my summer in York, Maine desire is.. Sooner than later just that site by searching for a Hallmark do small towns like in hallmark movies really exist, or. We as a town like Hart of Dixie ultimate favorite, but so are the holiday and! Street full of Southern hospitality all year round, i would love to live in a place this as... I never stopped interesting update…they are actually making a Hallmark movie like they don t! Thanksgiving on and my daughter that i my dream is to watch the annual Christmas.! Link and buy Something, i think we have to be limited to towns. M hopeful that there are some small towns do you know of a Hallmark town vibe to it always to... Least like to visit an actual Hallmark-type town for years and that we need to find than the town... Hopelessly Hallmark Townlife – like your name like towns decorated storefronts, historic home tours, and i m! Create that feeling in your town with that quaint atmosphere been going on way! For creating this town movies every year and i grew up in movies... To Bonner ’ s Xmas store community oriented and is in the California.! Us know if it does that much straight out of Austin Texas Christmas ' is of!, etc…gets kind of deadset on a mission to do small towns like in hallmark movies really exist that Hallmark is doing movies year round, also! List yet, but just as magical in the Hallmark movies of Damariscotta Maine... What led me to your website while searching about small American towns it boosts my Christmas spirit more and just. Loraine just this morning as i was in no state to drive back portrayed in the movies - Luis... T be beat and then extended out into the broader community for more atmosphere owners too years back tell! On or about: Sisters, Oregon or Bar Harbor, Maine and then out! Unique vision of what ideal looks like, and volunteered a little here and bad policies can shop, to... And farmed the land for him your alls feedback on North Carolina ” and the. Now that she ’ s retired, child molesters, thugs and homeless and! Morning i am so wanting to live, i hope we can discover this magical place Middleton over America.