Flight Options

Seat assignment: You can ask an agent to assign isle or window seats.

Aircraft specifics: Our agents are happy to let you know information about the aircraft you'll be flying in. Agents are aware of details about the type of aircraft. The agent will let you know whether you are flying on a jet or propeller, wide body or narrow body aircraft, number of engines, etc. and will describe the aircraft if requested.

Meals: We can always request special meals. These meals can be vegetarian, lactose free, low cholesterol, kosher, Moslem, Hindu, for a baby or child, diabetic, etc. Different airlines have different options, but we will work to accommodate your preferences.

Other assistance: If you need special assistance, our agents can request wheelchairs or find other ways to make you more comfortable. Please speak to an agent and let them know your needs.

Unaccompanied minors: Children can fly by themselves; however, a parent or guardian will need to be present to complete paperwork at the airport. In addition, there will an approximate $100 fee (per minor) at the airport, and children's discounts will not apply. To receive a children's discount, an adult must be in the same reservation as the child.

Baggage: Baggage allowance depends on the airline and the destination. Most airlines allow up to 2 bags each, with a maximum 50 pounds, as well as one carry on and a purse or laptop. Always check directly with the airline for up-to-date information. Exceptions for some destinations apply.