Lawmakers in a few states have begun to recognize this fact. They both get on very well, they play together and sleep side by side in the dog basket. A few minutes later, I heard a blood curdling scream, turned around, and saw the rabbit dead in the mouth of my sheepdog. My rabbit wasn't torn apart (thank god) she was just laying on … Tularemia is also referred to as rabbit fever since they are the animal most commonly involved with outbreaks of this disease. I have a norfolk terrier puppy. Hi I believe that my husband killed my daughters pet rabbit purposely as a domestic violence tactic. However, sometimes death cannot be prevented. Chris knew his neighbors kept their backdoor open during the summer, so he sneaked inside and put the bunny back into the cage, hoping his … if you think your cat is dangerous being with the rabbits when your home let the cat and the rabbits be next to each other keep a close eye on them and you never know maybe your cat just wants to play. They were horrified and panicked. In 2016, a former police lieutenant and school resource officer in Georgia named Daniel Peabody was charged with killing several dogs, two of them his own police K-9s.. Most of the time when a dog hurts a bunny, he is trying to play with him. This is not the first time her stupid dog got into our back porch and messed with my rabbit. I'm sure in time, this memory will fade. You are going through the worst time of your life. It is in a dogs nature. My dogs live with my rabbits but if they were given the chance on a rabbit outside they would attack it no question. So, it could be worse. A dog does not even have to be trying to harm a rabbit to kill him. Am I responsible monetarily? He was dead. Planning ahead Losing a pet is a traumatic experience, and suddenly having to find a dead animal removal option will only add to your stress. We have tried to get rid of them but have had no luck, and now their mutiplying. Is it a big dog? "If my neighbors find out my dog killed their bunny, they'll hate me forever," he thought. Treatment. Although uncommon in dogs, they can contract tularemia by killing or eating an infected rabbit or from ticks that may carry the … The disease is caused by the bacterium Francisella tularensis. Vet killed my pet rabbit? My aunt had a dog for many years - over 10 - that was about 70 lbs. Family replaces neighbor's rabbit after their dog kills it. If the rabbit is in crisis, then the pet needs to be kept in … I went outside to find that my dog killed and had eaten half a baby rabbit, only the feet were left. … The first police dog to die was a yellow lab named Dale. Honestly the worst way to wake up, hearing two dogs having the time of their lives with my dead rabbit in its mouth. This doesn't bother me because the rabbit died, it bothers me because I didn't think of her as something that would opportunistically kill a smaller animal. my boyfriends family have a dog and a rabbit and the dog just killed the rabbit, should they get rid of the dog? Losing a pet Dog is not an easy matter. I have no word to console you. I'm just concerned that as the dog grows up it will kill the rabbit … The problem is - when they 'catch' it, they do so by grabbing it with their mouth - and that potentially means they'll kill a small fluffy animal when … The rabbit wasn’t moving; he was really dirty and the rough for wear and tear. Cottontail rabbits make their nests in small depressions in the grass. I am sorry you lost your dog. There were 13 dead rabbits out of the 16 that I had total. The dog jumped over two high fences and the owner of the dog said it had killed their rabbit and their guinea pigs. Posted by: thatpetblog in Animal Rehabilitation, Dental Health, Pet Behavior, Pet Care, Pet Health, Rabbits, Small Pets June 20, 2012 1 Comment 7452 Views My collie has a tendancy to stalk the rabbit but has never gone for her before, my dd's came running in to say that the dog had the rabbit by the head and her eye was closed. They essentially grew up together and I feel so terrible that I assumed everything would always be fine and that nothing bad could have ever happened. So he took the dirty, chewed up rabbit into the house, gave it a bath and blow-dried its fur. Some were missing, but most had what looked to be like a single bite mark with four or six puncture wounds on their sides or back. My dog killed a pet rabbit that got into my yard. My other rabbit was hiding in the top floor of the hutch, in shock but still alive. OH MY GOODNESS, our dog has killed our neighbor’s pet rabbit. My owen dog is kept in its owen shed at night,its with us till bed time,put in its shed.and gets out when i get up.i have had hens and ducks (my owen) nest and hatch their offspring in the dogs bed and not had a problem.I live on a farm,my dog(lab) has retrieved my nieces pet rabbit live,its cage was rotten ,and … Rabbits & Pocket Pets -Outdoor Housing – …is not recommended. Rabbit Health: How a Misaligned Jaw Almost Killed my Pet Rabbit. As I walked through the mayhem towards my Rabbit colony, I had dead rabbits laying in their 20x4 pen. I'm not sure which neighbor it belongs to or if I should take any action to find out. The nests are lined with fur from the mother and loosely covered with grass. It is the driving force behind most aggressive dogs. it is a great dane cross something. The dog came back the next day to where my rabbit was. Its an adorable friendship.. The rabbit is a pet, not a wild rabbit. If after thinking it over you still want to sue. ... A vet killed my … So he took the dirty, chewed up rabbit into the house, gave it a bath and blow-dried its fur. I believe they should get rid of the dog because its unsafe, my mum says it would also be dangerous to have around little kids Is it a big bunny? "If my neighbors find out my dog killed their bunny, they'll hate me forever," he thought. Before you can say two words, the deed is done. An analysis of blood or liver samples is the best way to confirm the rabbit’s exposure to rat poison and can also determine the specific product ingested. When we returned home on the 16th I ran straight for their bunny to check on him as I had a bad feeling. Rabbits are prone to heat stroke (anything over 85 degrees is life-threatening) and can be killed by raccoons, hawks, dogs, feral cats, fly strike and other predators. My daughters and I were away for the two days for my birthday starting July 14th 2020. Her eye looks a little sore but seems to be ok. My question is whether or not this might make her more aggressive towards us, or towards the other little dog in our household. My dear friend, I know your puppy was the best friend of yours and always give the company with you. It depends. You should be looking to punish the owners of the dog rather than the dog for following its instincts. The couple removed the rabbit from their dog’s mouth, put it in a box and stared it. After serving on the police force together for about five years from 2007 to 2012, Dale retired from being a police dog… Neighbor law Neighbor pet disputes Animal law. It's not uncommon for dogs to ignore an animal until it runs, and then be quite excited afterwards. Their dog just whimpered and was acting very strangely. If left to their own devices, you will find a very real case of “my dog killed my pet rabbit.” This is usually spurred by a dog’s prey drive. Is it killing the bunny and leaving the corpse as a present for you, or is it actually eating the bunny? If some dog killed my dog(its a chihuahua smaller than an albino rabbit I used to have) and the owners done what they done with you I'd either go kick the dog and the owners(no matter if I's to go to jail, because pets are like family) or yell at them. They are frequently disturbed by people when they are mowing their grass or raking. I have a house rabbit. In addition, dogs and cats find these nests and often kill or injure the babies. The cost of cremation is based on the animal's weight, so cremating a rabbit is usually more affordable than cremating a cat or a dog. One of my … I have put … A rabbit darting quickly across the room or yard sets off an instinct in many dogs that is just so intense that they cannot resist it. In Tennessee, pet owners may recover non-economic damages (up to $5,000 in 2017) as compensation for the loss of “companionship, love and affection” in certain cases when their pets have been killed intentionally (and illegally) or through negligence (Tenn. Code … She didnt even move. i was worried about the same thing when i got my rabbit. If you don't know what that is, its a rabbit that I have trained to poo in a tray and not chew things basically.. She's very friendly and even plays fetch. The older dog grew jealous of the new puppy and killed it. My cat loves my rabbit to death and they just met last month they get along great. More . By any chance was your rabbit running when the dog went after it? ... (my dog died after $3000 and a week at the vets). Other tests include bleeding time (how long it takes for blood to clot), X-rays, and urine analysis. You always hear stories about once a dog tastes blood, that they have a taste for more, but I don't know if those are old wives tales or if there's some accuracy to them. But you should go talk to them personally and tell them how you feel. About a month ago, my pet rabbit was killed by my dog. He died on the way to the emergency vet. Mad Luddite said: Apparently, one of my large dogs killed a rabbit the other day, and dragged it into our living room and ripped its throat out. when she got a new puppy. Your love for your dog will still be there, but animals are animals, not humans. I got the rabbit and placed her in a towel and brought her in to investigate her. Stuff like this sadly … Am I liable? That way they can determine cause of death and if it was the injection, you will have proof for the court process. I was very angry with my dog for a long while, but eventually realized that he is an animal and even though I may think that I trained him well and I had trusted him around the rabbits before, he still … In my area the only way a dog would be put down would be if a dog attacked a person. An autopsy is the only option. They always got along so well and this was a complete shock to my boyfriend and I. That’s the instinct of canines to chase down their prey. Sympathy Messages for Death of a Dog. I know how much you loved it.